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Opening 26th of May

What an exciting week! I am delighted to confirm that we were working on menu development all of last week and are set to be open on Wednesday the 26th of May. Initially, it will only be the Kiosk that is open. We hope to be able to open the café later in the summer when restrictions are fully lifted.

Our terrace furniture arrived earlier in the week and we are very pleased with it. The terrace will be available for people to use when ordering from The Kiosk. We hope to see many of you making use of it.

Our opening times are as follows:

Monday to Friday

7.30am – 5pm

Saturday & Sunday

9am – 5pm

We will probably tweak these as we go but will keep everyone updated via Facebook and our website.

The team were at the Pavilion all weekend for a menu tasting and final preparations, we have posted our menus which you can find via our website or on Facebook. We are still making a few tweaks as we go, specifically with our plant-based, gluten-free and children’s menus which will be updated and posted before Wednesday.

Thank you to everyone that has sent us messages and words of support and encouragement so far. It's great to know that we have so much support in the local community. It means a lot. Thank you to everyone that has provided us with feedback too. It's also really important to us and we hope to evolve and develop as the weeks go on and once everyone has had the chance to stop by and taste some food!

Very excited to see you in the coming weeks.


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